Gauntlet Risk for Ecosystems

End to end risk management against ecosystem exploits

Gauntlet Risk for Ecosystems delivers insights and analysis to ensure systemic health to accelerate growth and mitigate contagion risk.

We solve problems like:

Single protocol exploits lead to catastrophic capital flight across ecosystems

From launch to scale, Gauntlet Risk for Ecoystems protects across the full lifecycle of growth and decentralization.


Preventable economic exploits


Ecosystem TVL loss

Gauntlet Risk for Ecosystems

Accelerate ecosystem growth and decentralization

Drive foundational DeFi growth

Provide transparent accountability for ecosystem incentives, grants, and resource allocation

Balance risk concentration with the rate of decentralization in the ecosystem

Promote risk-aware adoption

Ensure protocols in your network can properly control for market-risk to preserve systemic stability

Enable a safe and vibrant ecosystem

Responsibly extend support to esoteric financial products and long-tail assets


Research Papers Published

Advancing the industry’s understanding of DeFi economics and market risk


Client Assets Protected

DeFi’s critical infrastructure relies on Gauntlet's expertise and recommendations


Predictive Data Points

Powerful predictive capabilities for risk management and pattern-matching

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Economic audits
  • Mechanism design review to understand key drivers of protocol risk

  • Articulate risk scenarios, relevant levers, and risk tradeoffs

  • Develop comprehensive methodologies for each parameter

  • Asset frameworks customized to protocol design

Ecosystem risk dashboard

Market risk management metrics, including volatility, CEX/DEX liquidity, and Gauntlet Safety Ratings™, to inform ongoing risk-return optimizations.

Dedicated office hours

Simulation and machine-learning engineers will hold recurring calls with teams and communities to inform roadmaps and development decisions.

Access specialized expertise
  • Leverage Gauntlet’s research team, data platform, and experience

  • Innovate faster by minimizing discovery lead-time

  • Access broad expertise, skills, and capacity beyond a protocol’s core team

Market risk management training

Participate in Gauntlet's three-part risk training series, conducted by our dedicated Protocol Program Managers:

  • Dynamically optimizing parameters: proposal to payload

  • Risk-on and risk-off communication strategies

  • Governance processes and best practices

Insights to meet your needs

User, steward, or builder, Gauntlet Risk for Ecosystems is an ongoing accelerant for ecosystem growth and robust market risk management.

Core Teams

Understand economic risks on par with security risks

Ecosystem Foundations

Enable a safe and vibrant DeFi ecosystem

Investors & Delegates

Audit initiatives and investments through an economic lens

Traditional Institutions

Bolster internal analysis with dynamic market risk metrics

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