Gauntlet Risk for DeFi Protocols

Drive growth through responsibly mitigated risk

Gauntlet Risk for DeFi Protocols optimizes capital efficiency with ongoing parameter recommendations to mitigate insolvency risk.

We solve problems like:

Volatile markets cause liquidation cascades, saddling protocols with millions in bad debt

Gauntlet Risk for DeFi protocols monitors market conditions and simulates their impact to avoid value destruction and protect protocol health.


Preventable economic exploits


Incident TVL decline

Gauntlet Risk for DeFi Protocols

Drive growth by maximizing capital efficiency

Maximize revenue with responsible risk parameters

Dynamic risk parameter recommendations based on market conditions, including collateral ratios, liquidation parameters, interest rates, and user size limits

Preserve protocol value during extreme market events

Realtime monitoring and alerting of protocol risks including correlation, price action, concentration risk, and depegs

Gauntlet protects while protocols innovate

Maintain focus on building tomorrow’s features while Gauntlet’s monitors your protocol’s risk 24/365


Research Papers Published

Advancing the industry’s understanding of DeFi economics and market risk


Client Assets Protected

DeFi’s critical infrastructure relies on Gauntlet's expertise and recommendations


Predictive Data Points

Powerful predictive capabilities for risk management and pattern-matching

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Dynamic risk parameter recommendations

Gauntlet analyzes collateral ratios, liquidation parameters, and interest rates, user size limits to ensure proactive and ongoing optimization of tradeoffs between revenue maximization and insolvency risk.

End-to-end protocol lifecycle coverage

Gauntlet covers launches and upgrades, asset listings, governance forum engagement, ad hoc crisis management analysis, and deprecation of assets/markets.

24/365 realtime monitoring and alerting

Receive alerts on significant market activity including correlation, price action, and concentration, and depeg risks.

Insolvency coverage guarantee

Eliminate protocol loss resulting from select market risks, with coverage by Gauntlet’s insolvency backstop fund.

Industry-advancing research

With over 1000 citations to date of our published research, we discover and address novel risks before they adversely affect your protocol.

Community risk dashboards

Provide transparency into market conditions with customized dashboards.

Flexible service levels

Protocols of all sizes can protect markets and accelerate growth.

Protection to meet your needs

Gauntlet Risk for DeFi Protocols provides protection for numerous protocol types and stakeholders.

Core Teams

Operate with specialized risk-management expertise

Money Markets

Maximize revenue with dynamic parameters


Prevent liquidation cascades


Prevent liquidation cascades

Investors & Delegates

Accelerate protocol growth and returns

Traditional Institutions

Augment research initiatives with DeFi-native expertise

Robert Leshner


"Gauntlet is the undisputed expert at analyzing and managing protocol risk. They have been crucial to Compound's success and safety."

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