Driving adoption and understanding of the financial systems of the future

Gauntlet generates off-chain intelligence to drive on-chain efficiency, delivering DeFi’s premier quantitative analysis to leading protocols. Our research and solutions help the industry to navigate difficult decisions, identify areas for growth, and elevate DeFi as a whole.


Research Papers Published

Gauntlet specializes in advancing the industry’s understanding of crypto-native economics


Client Assets Protected

DeFi’s critical infrastructure relies on Gauntlet's expertise and recommendations


Platform Data Points

Powerful predictive capabilities for risk management and pattern-matching

Quantitative insights reveal the optimal path forward

Our values permeate everything we do for our clients.



Critical financial infrastructure can’t afford missteps in a competitive, dynamic industry. Our work guides protocols in evaluating risk responsibly.



The frontier of finance requires analysis that is precise, methodical, and diligent in understanding and utilizing economic risk.



Commitment to R&D allows us to understand novel risks in a rapidly developing industry — before they can adversely impact our clients.



Battle-tested quantitative techniques from TradFi are inherent in our modeling. Balancing capital efficiency and healthy risk is in direct conjunction with client return.

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The Gauntlet difference

A unique combination of expertise, tooling, and scalability

DeFi Research Team

Our researchers are dedicated to understanding novel risks before they can impact our clients, ever-improving our models and methodologies with the industry’s latest research.

Gauntlet has published 27 papers, receiving over 1,000 citations, and has developed robust models for virtually every primitive in DeFi.

Powerful Data Modeling Platform

Our purpose-built infrastructure updates over 400 million data points each day, across over a dozen L1s and L2s.

Our system refreshes six times per day, ensuring fresh data feeds all modeling and simulation work.

Quantitative Optimization

Our battle-tested techniques from quantitative finance and high-frequency trading bring mathematical rigor to exploring the impacts of protocols' strategic and operational decisions.

We employ quantitative optimization to validate conclusions throughout our simulation, analysis, and recommendation process.

Robust Experience and Service

Our team of data scientists, Solidity engineers, economists, and high-frequency trading veterans are from the world’s top financial firms and academic institutions.

We monitor markets 24/365 and are committed to protecting and openly communicating with our clients.

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