Gauntlet Team

April 10, 2024


Jupiter, Largest Perpetual Exchange on Solana, Taps Gauntlet to Drive Risk Management and Optimizations

Key Takeaways

Announcing our partnership with Jupiter, one of the leading protocols on Solana, whereby we will provide risk management and optimization recommendations for their perpetual exchange. 

Initially, we will conduct a risk evaluation of Jupiter’s perpetual trading platform and develop bespoke risk models. These models will be continuous, providing immediate insights into risk management and actionable guidance on critical risk parameters.

Our objectives with this engagement will be to support the Jupiter Perpetual Exchange’s mission through an examination of the protocol’s goals and key mechanisms. This includes:

  1. Conducting an in-depth analysis of protocol operations and settings, 
  2. Evaluating the balance between capital efficiency and associated risks, 
  3. Developing a strategy to fine-tune protocol settings, 
  4. Identifying metrics for oversight and notifications, and 
  5. Offering ongoing suggestions for parameter adjustments.

The aim is to harmonize capital efficiency with protocol risk by tracking essential indicators and guaranteeing protocol adjustments align with changing market conditions.

The scope of our Jupiter recommendations

Effective risk management and optimization strategies are pivotal for the long-term functionality and growth of perpetual protocols. Ensuring user safety and operational efficiency requires continuous adjustments across a spectrum of elements, including fine-tuning the weights in the JLP pool, margin and leverage requirements, borrowing rates, and trading fees.

Our first round of recommendations will focus on the following parameters:

We will also release a dedicated risk management dashboard, showcasing vital risk metrics and utilization data, along with Gauntlet’s parameter recommendations.

We are delighted to be working with Jupiter as it seeks to build on its already strong perpetual exchange. Stay updated on the dashboard launch and further partnership news by following both Gauntlet and Jupiter.


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