Key Takeaways

Gauntlet is excited to support Blueberry as a launch partner and ongoing risk management contributor. Blueberry is one of the first protocols to enable decentralized access to generalized leverage on Ethereum. To ensure the safety of lenders on the protocol, the Blueberry DAO will whitelist various assets and strategies that can be utilized within the protocol. Gauntlet will recommend parameters for each strategy and provide risk methodologies and analysis.

Leveraged lending protocols are a relatively recent innovation in DeFi. As an evolution of the classic lending protocol concept, they represent a new generation of designs that have emerged to meet more differentiated user needs. By enabling seamless leverage for advanced yield strategies, Blueberry aims to provide more capital-efficient access to these opportunities. 

Due to their novelty and complexity, launching new high-efficiency designs is a major risk management challenge. Most protocols are vulnerable to market risks in their early stages, so it is especially important to ensure sound fundamentals at launch. Gauntlet appreciates the responsibility of supporting Blueberry’s launch and looks forward to enabling sustainable protocol growth for the long term.

About Blueberry

Blueberry protocol is a decentralized lending market enabling lending and leveraged borrowing up to 20x or more of collateral value. Blueberry's flexible and modular design allows support for every strategy on Ethereum over time. Initially, Blueberry users will be able to harness leverage in Convex, Aura / Balancer, Leveraged Trade + Earn Strategies, Yield Arbitraging, and Uniswap v3 concentrated liquidity. 

About Gauntlet

Gauntlet is a DeFi-native quantitative research firm specializing in risk management, incentive optimization, and mechanism design. Gauntlet uses battle-tested techniques from the algorithmic trading industry to help protocols manage risk, optimize revenue, and design better incentives. Our simulation models inform parameter decisions for protocols of all sizes, covering over 25% of aggregate DeFi TVL.


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